Misha Kalinin

Guitarist & Composer



Pianist Roksana Smirnova and guitarist Misha Kalinin have played many concerts together. Over the last seven years they have been developing their duo sound. The result inspires a ride through an imaginary world of landscape and story...

Misha Kalinin brings a uniquely eclectic musical sense to his contemporary jazz trio. A multinational ensemble combined with Misha's extensive travels amounts to performances that embrace music of many cultures...


The Misha Kalinin Quartet is led by the virtuoso guitarist, who masterfully blends his technical proficiency with his sense of freedom and imagination...


The urban symphony is a unique genre that was born in the 1920s when cinema was experiencing its first boom. Then, on the wave of enthusiasm for a new kind of art, films began to appear, documentary in essence, experimental in content and poetic in mood...

Misha has gained a great deal of experience through the many projects he has been selected for in various countries of residence. These include tours and TV programs...

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